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May Bundle | +400 Samples

May Bundle | +400 Samples

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Discover the “May Bundle”, an exclusive compilation that is part of our Monthly Bundles collection. This pack contains over 400 samples and +5GB released during the month of May, offering a rich and diverse variety of sounds to inspire your music productions.

Explore the rich sound of the “May Bundle” and take your productions to the next level with this massive collection of samples. Don't miss the opportunity to get inspired and create unique music with our latest monthly bundle!


  • Wide Variety of Samples: Find melodies, beats, effects and more, carefully selected to offer the best quality and creativity.
  • Professional Quality: Each sample has been chosen for its excellence, ensuring amazing results in your music projects.
  • 5GB High Quality WAV Format: All files are in high resolution WAV format, ready to be used in any DAW or production software.
  • Royalty-Free: All sounds are 100% original and royalty-free, allowing you to use them without legal concerns.


  1. 21_Savage_Dark_Boom_Bap_Vintage_Loop_Kit_Gloover
  2. Vintage Sample Pack Cruiser Weight Coke
  3. Soul Bundle
  4. Piano Sample Pack Pain in keys
  5. Kanye West Bundle The Vultures Exodus
  6. The Alchemist Sample Pack Monet
  7. Marco Polo Sample Pack Chop Bully
  8. The Soul Chemist - Soul Ballads( Pre - Chopped Vintage Soul, Jazz, Neo Soul..)
  9. Free BoomBap Sample Pack(SoulJazzR&B)
  11. The Soul Chemist-Soul Sample Pack Vol.1
  12. Soul Sample Pack-Crisalida
  13. VINTAGE 90s SAMPLE PACK - Exhaust ( Soul Boom Bap, Choir, Vocal, Chopped Samples)
  14. The Soul Chemist - Shine Sample Pack (Boom Bap, Lofi, Japanese) FULL
  15. The Soul Chemist-Jazz,Soul & Funk Samples 
  16. The Soul Chemist-Boom Bap Sample Pack(Prechopped & Mixed)
  17. Vintage Sample Pack Loop Kit The Queen(The Alchemist, Madlib, Griselda Samples)
  18. Dark Vintage Sample Pack  PreChopped Samples  Elcamino  Griselda,The Alchemist,Madlib
  19. Griselda Sample Pack x The Alchemist Fredo´s Game Samples for Boombap, Old School, Dark, Type Beats
  20. Griselda Sample Pack Dean Boom Bap, Lofi, Trap, Drill, Soul, Jazz Samples
  21. Dark Vintage Sample Pack  Pre Chopped Samples Balada Triste  Griselda, The Alchemist, Madlib Samples
  22. Dark Vintage Sample Pack Sukuma Griselda The_Alchemist Madlib Soul Jazz_Samples
  23. Griselda Loop Kit PreChopped Sample Pack Cradle (21 Loops) Griselda, Harry Fraud, The Lox, J.Cole
  24. Vintage Dark Sample Pack Builds Griselda The Alchemist Boom Bap Lofi Samples
  25. Griselda Sample Pack  Madogs  Boom Bap, Lofi, Trap, Drill, Soul, Jazz Samples
  26. Vintage Sample Pack Loop Kit The Queen(The Alchemist, Madlib, Griselda Samples)
  27. Alchemist Sample Pack Bondo
  28. Kanye West Sample Pack The College
  29. The Alchemist Prophecy 
  30. Lofi Sample Pack  Dark Atmospheres and Chill Melodies 
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Derek "PhantomBeats" Bennett

"As a rap producer, I'm always on the lookout for fresh and authentic sounds for my beats. Soul Chemist's store is my recurring destination. Their sample packs are true gems; each sound is carefully selected and ready to inspire."


Ethan Brooks

"Finding authentic and unique sounds is crucial to my work. Soul Chemist offers sample packs that are a real goldmine for any music creator. Each element is designed with precision and quality, helping me build beats that stand out."  


Alexandra "Lunar Sound" Miller

"Soul Chemist's creations are the very essence of rap! His sample packs are an endless source of inspiration and creativity. Each sound is meticulously selected, and their beats are simply addictive. Highly recommended!"

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