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Alchemist Samples x Griselda Sample Pack | God Is Perfect

Alchemist Samples x Griselda Sample Pack | God Is Perfect

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Unlock your musical creativity with our "God is Perfect" Loop Kit, a masterpiece crafted for producers and beatmakers who strive for perfection. This kit is a tribute to the legendary Alchemist, designed to elevate your music production to new heights.

Elevate your productions with this exceptional loop kit, where each sample is a testament to the pursuit of musical perfection. Unleash your creativity and let the magic of "God is Perfect" inspire your next masterpiece.


  • Royalty-Free Goodness: Dive into 32 meticulously crafted samples, each one completely royalty-free. Use them without limitations in your projects, and let your creativity flow.
  • Crystal Clear Quality: Immerse yourself in the pristine sound of 32 clean samples. We prioritize quality, ensuring that each element of the kit is polished to perfection.
  • Analog Magic: Experience unparalleled analog warmth that adds a unique touch to your compositions. Our samples are imbued with the timeless sound that analog gear enthusiasts crave.
  • Precision at Every Beat: Every sample comes with a specified BPM, offering you precision and flexibility in your music production. Build your tracks with confidence, knowing that each beat is perfectly timed.
  • Musical Roadmap: Navigate effortlessly through your compositions with the included root notes for each sample. Enhance your workflow and musical understanding as you create.
  • Diverse Soundscapes: Explore a range of dark, soulful, and crunchy samples. Whether you're crafting hard-hitting beats or soulful melodies, "God is Perfect" has the sonic diversity you need.


  • Samples: 32
  • Format: WAV
  • Key Information: Root note provided
  • BPM: Clearly labeled for easy integration
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Simen Wiik


Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate your feedback and are happy to hear that you are enjoying our Alchemist Samples x Griselda Sample Pack. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your packs royalty free?

You'll never have to pay anything out of pocket AFTER the purchase and download of a pack. Sample packs or One-shot drum sounds never have any placement royalties attached to them, and I NEVER require a split of beat sales on any platform. The only time royalties are applicable is for:

  1. Major Label Placements,
  2. Large Indie Placements above 1 million streams, or
  3. Large Sync Placements containing one of my drum breaks, fills or melodic loops.

In that event, I'll just need a small amount of publishing on the release and all %'s are negotiable. I'll never hold your songs hostage or demand money upfront.


To recap:

  • Most Underground music: It's all you.
  • Larger releases, Just contact me via the PDF in all my packs and we'll work something out in your favor. 🤘

Will these work for my setup?

All my sample packs and drum breaks, one-shots, melodic loops and every other sound I release are formatted at 16 bit 44.1 HZ to ensure maximum compatibility with all DAWs including:

  • Ableton
  • Logic Pro
  • FL Studio
  • Maschine
  • MPC software
  • Reason
  • Pro Tools
  • Reaper
  • Cubase
  • Luna
  • Studio One

And my sounds ALSO work with all hardware samplers like:

  • SP-404
  • sp-303
  • MPC-2000 XL
  • MPC Live, One, Live 2, MPC X

Are you samples loopable?

Absolutely! I record every single one of my drum beaks, hat loops and melodic samples to a click track!

All loops are marked with their respective BPM and most D.A.W. and modern samplers will be able to time stretch each loop to your liking!