Best EQ For Mix And Mastering

There are numerous equalizers widely recognized and used in the audio mixing industry. Some of the most famous and popular equalizers include:

SSL G Series Parametric Equalizer: SSL (Solid State Logic) is an iconic brand in the mixing world and their G Series parametric equalizer is highly regarded for its versatility and sonic quality.


API 550A and 550B: API's 550 Series EQs are known for their warm analog sound and musical response. They are used in a variety of applications, from vocals to instruments.


Neve 1073 EQ: Neve's 1073 EQ is a timeless classic that has been used on countless recordings. It delivers a warm sound and musical response.


Pultec EQP-1A: Pultec EQs are known for their distinctive sound and their ability to enhance low and high frequencies in a musical manner. The EQP-1A is especially popular.


Universal Audio UAD-2 EQ Collection: Universal Audio offers a variety of classic EQ emulations that run on its UAD-2 platform, including the Pultec EQP-1A, the SSL G Series, and many more.


Waves SSL E-Channel and SSL G-Channel: Waves is an audio plugin company that has created emulations of the SSL console EQs and processors. Their plugins are used in a wide variety of applications.


FabFilter Pro-Q: FabFilter's Pro-Q is an extremely versatile and flexible digital equalizer that is widely used in music production and mixing. It offers an intuitive graphical interface and powerful equalization functions.


Sonnox Oxford EQ: This digital equalizer is known for its high sound quality and ability to make precise adjustments in a wide range of applications.


Avid EQ III and EQ VII: The equalizers included in Avid Pro Tools, such as EQ III and EQ VII, are widely used in the recording and mixing industry due to their availability and quality.


McDSP EQs: McDSP offers a variety of popular digital equalizers, such as the EC-300, which are used in a variety of music genres and applications.

It is important to note that the choice of an equalizer depends largely on the music genre, mixing style, and personal preferences of the sound engineer or producer. Each equalizer has its unique characteristics and sounds, so it is common to see a combination of several equalizers in a mix setup to achieve the desired sound.

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